Friday, January 14, 2011

Big mistake: wrong process model

This is a lesson learn for application developer. Remember my last post about compiler with LLVM backend? It doesn't end happily. I didn't manage to connect all the components, even some of them are either incomplete or not implemented at all. I pass the trial session badly. Even though I managed to graduate, but the ending is not good.

So, after the trial session, here comes the revision session. I crazily decided to rewrite the compiler FROM SCRATCH. But this time, I use feature based iterative incremental process model (previously component based iterative incremental). First, only single expression is allowed. Parser OK, AST OK, semantic checking OK. Next, assignment statement. Parser OK, AST OK, semantic checking OK. Next, compound assignment statement, return statement, method, class and so on. Ended with code generator. Guess what? Something that I didn't manage to finish in 3 months is finished in 1 week!

If only I realize this faster... maybe I'll get A (well, I finally get A- which is not too bad).